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Start a Meeting at the Club

The Online Alano Club offers resources for email, chat, and discussion forums meetings. (For information on complete web site hosting, see the Hosting Services pages.)

Read this entire page and the related documents before requesting a meeting using one the sign-up form below.

What Your Group Receives

  • an email discussion list, a designated room for chat, or a discussion forums category (either public or private access)
  • a listing in the Club meeting directory
  • an email alias pointing to your regular email account so that people can contact you (if the email address harvesters grab your alias and you begin receiving spam, we will change the address to stop the spam; we suggest that you never put your primary email address on a public web page)
  • a web page, if desired, to fully describe your group
  • a subscription to the Meeting Leaders email list (a representative from each meeting must be on this list so that we have a current contact at all times; the list is not used for advertising or marketing, only for informational purposes)
What Your Group Should Know Before Starting a Meeting

Read the Club’s Acceptable Use Policy. By submitting a request to hold a meeting at the Club, you agree to adhere to the guidelines in that document.

Read the Club’s Anonymity and Privacy Policies.

Read the Club’s Self Support document. No money is required to start a meeting at the Club, and there are no contracts to sign. However, self-support is a good thing, and healthy for the group.

New Meeting Start-up Request

(We will email you back to
confirm and request
additional information,
if needed.)



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