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Connect Your Local Club

Many A.A. travelers look for a local club when they first arrive in a new city. The Online Alano Club is building a comprehensive directory of Alano and other clubs.

  • free listing in the Alano and Other Clubs Directory
  • free web page (or mini-site) with your club and meeting information
  • free email account or alias so A.A. travelers can contact your club (if needed)
  • free subscription to an email discussion list just for club managers and directors
  • discounted web hosting if your club needs a full web site

Tell your club manager or directors about this opportunity. Download the full-color flyer and post it on your club’s bulletin board.

Directory Entry Form

The following information is for Online Alano Club use only. Your
personal information will not be sold, lent, leased, or otherwise shared
with any third party. (All relevant details about your club should be
included in the above text box.)
Check the "Club List Subscription" box above if you would like to be subscribed
to the Online Alano Clubs mailing list, which is open only to Recovery Club
managers, directors, or other official representatives of recovery clubs.



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